All-In-One Stock Technical Analysis Software

  • Customizable and easy to use, save you time research stocks online.
  • Free Upgrade to All Future Versions, No Monthly Fee!

 Main Features

  • One-Click Access

Quickly switch between 11 browsers, each browser can have up to 8 quick links.

You can double-click on quick link or double-click on stock symbol in watch list to display stock info quickly.

  • Advanced Charting Tool

Signal Chart – Display trend, buy and sell signals on chart.

Glance Chart – Display many stocks charts in one page for quick and easy comparison.

Detail Chart – Display different timeframe charts on one page, e.g. display daily, weekly, monthly charts in one page.

  • Super Trend Index

This is our proprietary indicator, it tell you when to buy and when not to buy.

  • Chart Analyzer

You can capture and analyze any chart on the fly, draw trend line, support, resistance, etc… you don’t have to print and draw on paper any more!

  • Market Map

You can define your own market map, to display 100’s stocks movement in one page.

  • Browser Watch

You can use one-click to access stock info quickly even without adding them to watchlist.

  • Read Web

The software can get (read) all symbols from webpage quickly (in one click), you can then save those symbol into your watchlist.

This is espeically useful if you want to save scan result to watchlist – you can get all symbols in one click, you don’t have to type in stock symbols one-by-one any more!

  • Watchlist Operation

You can perform logic operation between two watchlists, merge, find common stock, etc…

For example: what stocks in my-watchlist-1 also in S&P500?

  • Historical Quote Download

You can download up to 10 years free historical quote, save monthly bill for your quote data.

  • Everything is customizable

The default setting is for US stocks, it can be customized to your own country’s stock market. 

Advanced Features For Full Signal Chart Subscriber

  • More indicators available in Stock Signal Chart.  
  • Indicator’s Indicator – e.g. MA(20) on High, RSI(14) on MA(10), etc… very powerful.
  • Forecast – know how the chart look like if the stock price move to ### price.
  • Scan – scan your watchlist, find buy and sell candidate quickly. 

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