Signal Chart

Help You Evaluate Trading Strategies Before Committing Real Money

1. Display Trend Bar and Buy/Sell Signals

  • You can define bull/bear trend and buy/sell signal criteria, and show them on chart.
  • With all the past signals displayed, you can easily see how good your strategy is.
  • You can save the strategy to file, and load it at a later time. so that you can switch strategies quickly.

ibm signal chart

2. Display “Super Trend” indicator

  • Super Trend Index is our proprietary indicator, it helps you to identify the trend.?
  • Stock price will go up when Super Trend Index value is above 20 and moving up or stay above 80.
  • Stock price will go down when Super Trend Index value is below 80 and moving down or stay below 20.

ibm signal chart

3. Display Indicator’s Indicator

  • Most other charting tool can only display Closing Price based indicator. For example, regular EMA(10), MACD(12,26,9), RSI(14) are calculated based on stock’s Closing Price.
  • Signal chart can display indicators based on open, close, high, low or even other indicator’s value. for example, MACD(12,26,9) on HIGH is calculate MACD based on stock’s high price, RSI(14) on EMA(10) is calculate RSI based on 10 day exponential moving average EMA(10)
  • This gives you more advantage over other traders!

signal chart control panel

4. Chart Forecast – Know in advance how daily chart look like even before market close

  • How the chart will look like if IBM move down 50 cents? will the MACD cross down zero line?
  • How the chart will look like if IBM move up 50 cents? will the RSI cross up 50 line?
  • Now, you can know in advance how the chart look like even before price reach that point, and be prepared.
  • This gives you more advantage over other traders!

5. Powerfull Scan – Scan results are saved to watchlist directly

stock scan

6. 30 Indicators To Perform Various Analysis

  • Overlay Analysis Indicators – EMA, SMA, Bollinger Bands, Price Envelope, Price Channels.
  • Price Analysis Indicators – Balance of Power, MACD, ROC, RSI, Stoch, Ultimate Oscillator, Williams’ %R.
  • Volume Analysis Indicators – Chaikin Money Flow, Ease of Movement, Elders Force Index, Money Flow Index, Positive Volume Index, Negative Volume Index, Price Volume Trend, Volume Accumulation/Distribution, On Balance Volume, Up/Down Volume Ratio.
  • Volatility & Trend Analysis Indicators – Average True Range, Bollinger Bands Width, Chaikin Volatility Index, Average Directional Movement (ADX), CCI, Aroon Indicator, Aroon Oscillator, Trend Detection Index.
  • You can adjust the default parameter value for all indicators, and use the one best-suited to your needs.
  • Combined with Indicator’s Indicator, you can perform many advanced analysis, see what others cannot see.

7. Cover mutual funds, ETFs, and many countries’ stock markets

  • You can use Yahoo-Finance to find stock symbols for your country.
  • you need to add a suffix for exchanges not in United States (ie. not AMEX, NYSE, Nasdaq).=> Some examples are: VOD.L (London), 7919.PA (Paris), NCP.AX (Australia), NT.TO (Canada).=> Some examples of United States indexes are: $SPX, $INDU, $COMP, $VIX, $DRG, $BTK, $XOI.=> Other countries’ index are: $ATX (Austria), $DAX (Germany), $N225 (Japan), $FTSE (UK).
  • You can use Funds by Family to find US mutual fund symbols, examples are: BEARX, URPIX, URPSX.

8. Signal chart is accessiable through stock analyzer software

There are two type of signal chart services.

  • Basic signal chart service can create Signal Charts with some limitations, it is Free to all stock analyzer software registered customers, anyone who purchased stock analyzer software can use this service free.
  • Full signal chart service has no such limitations, it is not included in your software purchase, you need to subscribe the full signal chart service from our Buy It Now page.

Full service subscriber can use stock analyzer software free of charge during his subscription period.

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